My objective is to shine a light and have some laughs at the craziness of Hormones.

Women begin this wild ride around ten or eleven years of age with pre-pubescent PMS, then full fledged PMS, followed by pregnancy, post-partum, peri-menopause, and finally, the rage inducing, unpredictable, personal heat wave called MENOPAUSE .

Oh, and now I hear there’s something called postmenopausal syndrome. I thought the golden years meant there was a pot of gold waiting for us after the storm of hormones passed.

I think someone lied to me! And today I’ll pick on my husband just because he’s here. I’ll warn him first I’m not evil; “Hide, I feel a fight coming on… but first, can you please pour me a glass of Pinot Noir and leave it on the sink”.

This new phase of my womanhood has 

given me brain lapses,

wet sheets,


 midriff bulge,

 relentless tears,

 incomplete sentences and  the patience of a hungry baby.

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Yes you can use your hormones as an excuse
It’s a great Gift .Yes You Can