by Nicole Scheier

I like to refer to life on planet earth as spiritual boot camp.

Sure, there are a gazillion wonderful and blissful moments that we get to live during our epic journey, but when the going gets tough, boy can it get rough. Just thinking of all the loved ones lost, the plagues, the famines, the wars, the betrayal, the heartbreak, the guilt, the fear to name a few; phew, I get tired just thinking about it. Especially the experiences that our souls label as unforgivable or the ones that come with a loss you feel that you’ll never recover from. The big question her is: how can I reframe my earthly experiences in a way that allows me to heal and to move on?

Let’s look at earth as a school. Each lifetime, souls can sign up for a human avatar (the human body) that gets left behind at the end of each experience.

If you look at the soul reality, all souls end up being OK and we never truly get separated from loved ones. Each personality and character we play is like a role in a movie where the soul actor gets to have certain experiences. At the end of each life it’s a wrap and eventually we get to learn the lessons we came here to learn.

Life on this planet is experienced in a force field of duality. Everything has it’s polar opposite: shadow and light, good and evil, male and female, hot and cold, yin and yang etc. If you took the energetic elevator a few floors up, you’d end up in the realm of divine neutrality, where the polarized energies are harmonized once more.

If as a soul, you have existed and experienced yourself in very light dimensions (other than planet earth), where you have light on light and love on love, there are certain frequencies that you can’t learn and develop. In order to experience and exercise forgiveness, compassion, stamina and unconditional love i.e., we all need the conflict and the shadow as well as things going “wrong” to learn the meaning of these frequencies.

Some souls tend to feel a bit superior to other soul species before they come to planet earth. The human avatar allows us to equalize the playing field to a degree to fully absorb the experiences we sign up for. The amnesia does the rest. We are fully in character, and if we kill someone, we actually believe that they are dead. What really happens is that we kicked them out of their costume, like a character being killed off on Soap Opera. They just start to audition for a new part, the very next week.

We all have killed and been killed in this game numerous times and we have received new avatars for our next assignments. If you are having a hard time letting go of certain events in your soul’s past, remind yourself what the lessons were you wanted to learn. This is another opportunity to learn patience, forgiveness, and compassion on your journey to evolve as a soul. There is nothing that is ultimately unforgivable.

Be open to shine some light into the seemingly dark and “crappy” corners of your soul’s history. Nothing ever happens in vain and with the ability to transmute our own experiences, we become more able to assist others on their path. We can evolve from our gigantic, self-loathing pity-parties to healed, compassionate and wise versions of ourselves. If you are reading this, it might just be your time to take this next step!