I haven’t written much this week because not only have I been in the studio narrating the audio version of  You Are a Badass (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but I’ve been in The Puppy Box at my sister’s house.

Being in The Puppy Box is how I describe finding myself nestled in the bosom of my dearies, the kind of dearies who use your body as a foot rest while watching TV, who crawl into bed with you for a morning/evening chat (and if you’re my niece, settle in for the night), who sit on the toilet to keep you company while you’re in the bathtub….

One of the great, glorious and unexpected perks of being a home-free nomad is that it’s significantly deepened my relationships with the people in my life. Which was, of course, the exact opposite of my greatest fear = all this moving around would isolate me from the people I love.

Anyway, this has nothing really to do with today’s post other than to remind you, and me, that the hewge majority of our fears never actually materialize

and to discuss a rather deep concept in a very short amount of time (dinner’s almost ready and then we’re doing my sister’s new puzzle you see).

The concept is something that my niece summed up very nicely in an awesome picture she drew that I am going to print up on t-shirts as soon as we finish the puzzle:


People. We are on this planet ONCE as the us that is us. So, when presented with the choice between being grouchy or grateful, PUT SOME FUCKING GLITTER ON IT PLEASE!

I’m not saying you should never feel sad or scared or angry, you’d be a giant weirdo if you never did (as well as a giant liar).

But I am saying become more conscious of which path you choose to take
B-r-e-a-t-h-e into life
Respond to situations, rather than give in to old, gnarly, knee-jerk reactions
Remember you are not only loved, but that you are love
Lighten the hell up

Live thine magnificent life NOT as a drama queen.
Live thine magnificent life as a glitter queen!