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With so many products to choose from how do you know what you really need?


High heat processing destroys the beneficial elements of natural ingredients and can even render a natural ingredient toxic.

Which skin care products do I really need?

Everyone needs a good moisturizer.
For the Face

Age Reversing Daily MoisturizerSt. James Formula Age Reversing Daily Moisturizer

– light moisturizer good for all skin types made with Type II Collagen and powerfully anti aging Young Living Essential Oils, has a very fresh slightly minty aroma.

theCream Face Nourishing CreamtheCream Nourishing Face Cream

– healing, anti aging moisturizer good for all skin types. Made with 75% Colostrum has a pleasant unscented aroma.

Everyone needs a good moisturizer
For the Body

Organic Herbal Body FoodOrganic Herbal Body Food

– 100% plant concentrates that not only moisturize the skin but heal the skin. Beautiful woodsy aroma.

theCream Moisturizing Anti-Aging Skin Conditioning Cream

theCream Moisturizing Anti-aging Skin Conditioning Cream

– A rich body cream with 60% Colostrum that moisturizes and heals the skin. Has a beautiful fresh scent thanks to natural citrus oil.

Everyone needs an anti aging product

Organic Herbal Face Food

Organic Herbal Face Food

– for those extremely serious about anti aging. Must be willing to experience a tingling even intense burning sensation the first minute or two after applying. This product has a very strong herbal almost medicinal aroma

Super Herbal Face Food

Organic Super Herbal Face Food

– this product is twice as strong as Herbal Face Food. You must be on the regular Herbal Face Food for at least 3 months and no longer experience a “burning sensation” before you can use this product.

St. James Formula’s Type II Collagen

St. James Formula Type II Collagen

–for those who are looking to plump their skin and get rid of fine lines and lessen deep wrinkles. This pure Type II Collagen can be used on the entire face, neck, and crows feet (avoid under eye area or eyelid area) or you can use this as a spot treatment morning and night.

Everyone needs an eye cream

age reversing eye cream

theCream Age Defying Eye Serum

– specifically formulated to hydrate and enhance collagen and elastin in the delicate eye area. Safe to use on crows feet, under eye area, and on eyelid and under brows.

Everyone needs a deep cleanse from time to time.

Instant Face Lifting Mask

St. James Formula Instant Face Lifting Mask

– this will pull the toxins out of your pores, tighten and lift the skin, and exfoliate the dead skin cells away. Use once or twice a week before bedtime. (I personally would not use before going out, it can leave your skin a bit red for an hour or two)

Everyone who has breakouts or skin issues needs this

theCream Concentrated Repair Cream

theCream Concentrated Repair Cream

–a supercharged, intensely healing cream made with 80% colostrum. Apply directly on breakouts, eczema, psoriasis,or rosacea several times a day.

Everyone needs to take care of their hands

theCream Moisturizing Age Repair Hand Cream

theCream Moisturizing Age Repair Hand Cream

– wonderfully hydrating with 65% percent Colostrum.

Every man needs a moisturizer

Nourishing Face Cream for Men

theCream Nourishing Face Cream for Men

– is specifically formulated to penetrate a man’s thicker skin. Instantly hydrates and helps heal nicks and minor cuts.

Every lip needs a moisturizer

theCream Moisturizing Lip Cream

theCream Moisturizing Lip Cream

– hydrates the lips helping to prevent the feather that can happen in older age. Also may prevent and heal herpes outbreaks.

Everyone can benefit from an at home oxygen facial

St. James Formula Instant Oxygen Facial

St. James Formula Instant Oxygen Facial

– remember when spraying evian water on the face was all the rage? This liquid stabilized oxygen spray takes it to the next level. Not only will it help moisturize your skin you will also get an oxygen boost very similar to an oxygen facial. Liberally spray on a clean face, then follow with moisturizer. Great for airplane travel, spray several times on face throughout flight to combat the extremely dry recycled air.

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