The media is all abuzz with the perfect workout. The perfect workout for 6 pack abs, the perfect workout for a tight butt, the perfect workout for getting in shape fast, the perfect workout for busy people, the perfect workout in less than 10 minutes, the perfect workout for… Well, you get the idea. To me, it seems silly that there is a perfect workout conversation at all. We’re all so different in temperament, physical qualities, fitness goals and personal desire. How can there be a perfect workout when there are so many factors to consider in choosing a training protocol?

And then I got to thinking about the concept and realized that there was a perfect workout. A perfect workout that would suit everyone! 

And the perfect workout is…. Drum roll please…

The one that you’ll stick to!!!

How many times have you started a fitness regimen that you read about on the internet, saw on an infomercial and bought the DVD or fitness gizmo, or your besty swore was amazing that you plain and simply HATED?!

Compliance, or better said, lack of compliance is the number one reason we fail to maintain body tone, weight loss and fitness gains. Research has proven that most people drop out of their fitness routine within 6 months of starting. Chances are you’re one of those people and not sticking to a workout because you’ve taken on a training modality that doesn’t suit you.

I know lots of people who have transformed their lives through Yoga and lots more who hate it and thinks it’s boring. Some people get high on doing triathlons, other can’t imagine that kind of grueling endurance training and competing.  Some people love the one on one of a personal trainer and can’t imagine getting a good workout without one while others are loners and want to just do their own thing. Still others spend their weekends on the golf course while naysayers scratch their heads at the thought of spending a day on the greens.

How do you know it’s perfect? Take this short quiz and see how many questions you can honestly answer yes to regarding your workout/fitness activity.   If you answer all 7 with a yes, you KNOW that you’ve found the perfect workout…For you!!

The “Perfect Workout” Quiz

– Would you drive cross-town to this workout/fitness activity in rush hour traffic not to miss?

–  Would you be willing get up at the crack of dawn to do if that’s what fits your schedule?

– Do you participate in this activity because you love doing it, not because you  “have” to do it to stay in shape?

– Can you summon the energy to do it even when dog tired from a long day?

– Does this activity take priority over all of the other million things in your life?

– Can this activity get you away from your TV, computer and cell phone?

– Would you spend your shopping budget on this activity and forgo the latest fashion? (Ooh, that’s a tough one!)

Didn’t do so well? Then, my advice is to start experimenting with different workouts and sports activities.  And have fun with the process. Think outside the box. Try something you’ve never done before. Maybe something that you dreamed of doing as a child but never fulfilled. For me, the perfect fitness training activity has been figure skating, something that I began doing at age 51! I can answer yes to everything on the list above, including driving 25 miles roundtrip 5 days a week, getting up at 4 AM at times, skipping dinner out to fund an extra lesson with my coach and forgoing Laboutins to pay for figure skates. (My most expensive shoes!)

Finding the perfect workout has changed my life.

It can change yours, too.