Cathey Painter Presents

A grounding breaking FREE Class

Cathey Painter Presents: Creating the Foundation for Optimal Health

with Essential Oils and More In this FREE class
You will come away with knowledge that Cathey’s clients are paying to learn

The nutrient most people are deficient in that may

be the cause of your hormonal imbalance
The essential oil that may provide relief f

or hormonal imbalance
The nutrient deficiency that has been linked as a contributor to                                     breast and prostate cancer
The crucial reasons you must detox on a daily basis
How to simply, conveniently and gently detox on a daily basis
How to support the body in getting rid of cells with damaged DNA
How to help your body create more seratonin, the feel good hormone
How to insure you get the nutrients of 12 f

ruits and vegetables every day
The fastest way to get relief from mood swings and stress
How to support your memory and eyesight
How to instantly transform the health of your blood
and much more.

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