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“Create Your Fate” Workshop

The “Create Your Fate” workshop is an opportunity to engage with positive energy like minded women in a learning environment that perpetuates living an empowered, joyful and meaningful life. You will engage and learn from renowned experts about.. How to Empower Yourself Financially How to Excelerate Your Business/Career How to Positively Impact Your Relationships How Health Impacts Wealth For details click here. Testimonials from the last workshop: The workshops have been incredible and a God send at this point of my career/life. Thank you so much and I’ve saved the dates for the conference! Kind Regards, Amanda Bar Director...

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Badass Female Winemaker

Erin Miller Winemaker, Twomey Cellars/Silver Oak (Napa & Sonoma Valleys, California) As Erin Miller was preparing to go into the Peace Corps, she took a detour that would change her life. “I was on my way to Niger, West Africa, and I wanted to work down some of my student loan debt before becoming a volunteer for two and a half years. I heard about a harvest job in Napa, and I thought, ‘What better way to earn a little money than by working 12 hours a day, six days a week as a harvest cellar rat?'” But in...

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An Awesome Woman, Christine Horner, MD

Christine Horner, MD is a nationally known surgeon, author, and natural health expert residing in San Diego.      She holds two board certifications: the National Board of Surgery and the National Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Horner was recognized as a leader in her field shortly after starting her plastic and reconstructive surgery practice because she successfully ran a national campaign to pass laws requiring insurance companies to pay for breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Reconstruction Advocacy Project or BRA Project-led to the passage of laws in thirty-five states and a federal law. The federal bill-The Women’s Health and...

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A ridiculously rebellious woman.

Isabella Lucy Bird was a ridiculously rebellious woman. What other daughter of a Victorian clergyman survives a tumor on her spine and promptly decides to travel the world, have a serious romantic affair with Wild Jim Nugent in the Rocky Mountains, and visit everywhere from Vietnam to Hawaii? She had about fourteen lives in one, traveling with British soldiers in Tehran and training as a doctor as an afterthought. She used a ladder gifted to her by Morocco’s Sultan to mount her horse, and wrote 18 volumes of observations. A scriptwriter wouldn’t even know where to start. 1831 Born Boroughbridge...

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