Author: Cat Curry-Williams

Its Bubbly Glory

This Brilliant Trick Will Restore a Bottle of Flat Champagne to Its Bubbly Glory I love Champagne, so when I heard this i had to share. In theory, we have zero issues with downing a whole bottle immediately. But if, for some strange reason, you have some left over, here’s a quick trick that will revive that almost-flat bottle in your fridge to its bubbly glory. What You Need: An open, flat bottle of Champagne (or any other type of bubbly) and a single raisin. (Yep, that’s it.) What You Do: Drop the raisin in the bottle, step back for a couple minutes and let it work its magic. The Results: Fizz like you just popped the cork. Why It Works: The remaining carbon dioxide in the bottle clings to the ridges in the raisin, then releases itself back into the liquid creating cascading effervescence all over again. Science is...

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Dougall Fraser, Author of Your Life In Color

Drawn from years of experience and observation, internationally renowned psychic and cosmic life coach Dougall Fraser shares his method for utilizing the colors he intuitively sees emanating from people’s souls. From white to gold to emerald green, every color has qualities that you can consciously draw strength and purpose from in order to support and guide you toward achieving your highest goals and dreams. Fraser explores each color’s unique spiritual and practical qualities, providing insight into its history and shadow sides, and exercises to employ each color’s maximum benefit. His step-by-step plan helps you to invoke color energy in...

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Coppola spirits inspired by wife, sister, and daughter

Coppola spirits collection is inspired by wife, sister, and daughter. The famous Coppola family—of whom the filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola is the patriarch—is venturing further into the beverage industry with a line of liquors called “Great Women Spirits.” They already own a winery, aptly named Francis Ford Coppola Winery, through their lifestyle company The Family Coppola: Cinema, Wine, Food, Hideaways, and Adventure. “My mother, sister, wife, daughter, and granddaughters have all inspired me, as have all of the incredible women we celebrate with Great Women Spirits,” the director explained in a statement. “We all know well the great men of history, Alexander the Great, Julius...

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MY FAVORITE Essential Oils

I use oils as a first defence for most ailments. Also to lift my mood any time of day. There are so many healing benefits of doTERRA Essential oils. (this is my favorite brand) they are pure and third party tested. That’s why I use only these. Most people would be shocked to know the various practical uses of essential oils: Peppermint Essential Oil for headaches or nausea or fevers Frankincense Essential Oil for beautiful youthful skin, cells with damaged DNA, and cancer Oregano Essential Oil as an antibiotic Lemon Essential Oil to gently detox Cedarwood Essential Oil for...

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