Author: Cat Curry-Williams

Champagne Anyone?

Champagne Is Good for you…I’m not making this up! Researchers have found a compound in champagne that could prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. The discovery of an ingredient in red wine (resveratrol) held promise last year, but more recently clinicians at Reading University are looking at a compound (phenolic acid) found in champagne that comes from a blend of white and black wine grapes. The bubbly has also been hyped for other health benefits to the heart and circulation, but the hope for champagne to block the onset of dementia is looking good in lab tests. Still, human trials...

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11 Tips My Conscience Wants Me To Hear

THIS TIME I’M GOING TO LISTEN 11 tips my conscience wants me to hear Just do It! It’s easier than you think Climb the tree already!  Who says you need to get to the top?  The climbing is the fun part. You have plenty of time. Don’t try, Do!  Boy, my conscience watches a lot of movies. There is absolutely no good reason to not do what I always wanted to do. There is no time like the present.  Okay, my conscience just stuck in a Wayne Dyer book. Heck, if he could do it why not me!  Move over, Wayne, here I come. I’m going to start hanging around with friends who support my dreams. There are some awesome people out in the world waiting for me to introduce myself to them. I Rock. I’m full of excitement and energy. I like this. PS. I think my conscious has heard this a million times, but today  I’m going to listen! This is Cat’s 1st In a new weekly column called, ” TIPS I ALREADY HEARD, BUT TODAY I’M GOING TO...

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How Do You Measure Success?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with all kinds of people over the last fifteen years. After all this time, I still get surprised, depending on whom you talk to, how life and success are measured so differently. Each person has his or her own hierarchy on what they feel is important and what things portray success in life. Here is a list of items I have collected over the years of some perceived success indicators: 1. The amount of money I have in my bank account 2. Where I live and what kind of car I drive 3....

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150 books sold 50% of proceeds to our favorite charities

Dear Catherine, I just finished reading your book and I loved it. I had started in the car when I left the party and stayed there for a half hour. It was funny, heartfelt and so honest and open. “The Change” began for me when I found a new grey hair. Not on my head. I didn’t feel so alone after reading it. I haven’t missed a day of flossing and I hate siri too. I’ve told her so as well. I so enjoyed reading it and felt comforted. It was like hanging out with a good girlfriend and...

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CAT’S Almond Salad Recipe, Gluten-Free & Vegan. Back by popular demand

  1 cup of raw almonds Soak overnight in 2 cups of water Drain almonds put them  directly into a  blender or, I prefer a mini food processor. Chop for 10 seconds then put into mixing bowl Add 2 tablespoons vegenaise Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste. Add in a small  stalk of celery, diced,  (other items optional, radishes, carrots & broccoli & cucumber diced.)   Mix together well, serve wrapped in  lettuce , or on Gluten free bread. I like it with bread &butter pickles.  You can also make it with Curry powder and cranberries for a change of taste. It goes...

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